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    Characteristics and application of DMG five axis machining center
    As a special machining center for machining complex surfaces, DMG five axis machining center has the advantages of high scientific and technological content and high precision. In fact, in addition, it also has other product uses.
    Advantages of high precision CNC machining aluminum parts
    CNC machining, to put it bluntly, is NC machining. It uses a computer to compile a set of machining programs, such as cutting, tapping, tapping, countersunk head hole, etc. it basically depends on CNC machining, which can reduce product damage.
    What is CNC precision machining?
    Tools for precision machining are controlled by our skilled employees with the help of complex digital systems. CNC or computer digital control allows extremely special control over the positioning, speed, coordination, feed rate and other accuracy of the manufacturing process of specific parts or objects
    General knowledge of CNC lathe machining
    Repetitive parts processed by CNC lathe: the process preparation man hours using CNC grinder account for a high proportion. For example, process analysis preparation, programming, first article adjustment and trial cutting of parts, the sum of these comprehensive working hours is often dozens to hundreds of times of the working hours of a single part, but the working contents of these CNC lathes can be saved and reused. Therefore, when a part is successfully trial produced on the CNC grinder and then put into operation again, the production cycle is greatly reduced and the cost is also less, It can obtain better economic benefits.
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