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    General knowledge of CNC lathe machining

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    Repetitive parts processed by CNC lathe: the process preparation man hours using CNC grinder account for a high proportion. For example, process analysis preparation, programming, first article adjustment and trial cutting of parts, the sum of these comprehensive working hours is often dozens to hundreds of times of the working hours of a single part, but the working contents of these CNC lathes can be saved and reused. Therefore, when a part is successfully trial produced on the CNC grinder and then put into operation again, the production cycle is greatly reduced and the cost is also less, It can obtain better economic benefits.
    It is required to focus on medium and small batch key parts that can ensure processing quality and produce efficiently: CNC grinding machine can realize high-precision, high-quality and high-efficiency grinding under computer control. Compared with special grinding machine, it can save many special process equipment, has strong flexible manufacturing capacity and obtains better economic benefits. Compared with ordinary grinding machines, it can eliminate many human interference factors in the long process of complex machining, has good accuracy consistency and interchangeability of machined parts, and has high machining efficiency.
    The parts processed by CNC lathe shall comply with the process characteristics of multi process centralized processing of CNC grinder, and the cutting condition of grinding wheel when machining parts by CNC grinder is exactly the same as that of the corresponding non CNC grinder, but it can carry out some composite machining with machining accuracy requirements. For example, in terms of grinding range, ordinary grinder is mainly used for grinding cylindrical surface The end face of conical surface or stepped shoulder of circular NC lathe can be ground by ordinary lathe. In addition, NC cylindrical grinder can also grind circular torus and various forms of complex combined surfaces above.
    The processing batch of parts shall be larger than that of ordinary lathes. When CNC lathes process medium and small batch parts on non CNC grinders, due to various reasons, the pure cutting time only accounts for 10% - 30% of the actual working hours. When machining on CNC grinding machines with multiple processes such as grinding centers, this proportion may rise to 70% ~ 80%, but the man hours for adjustment are often much longer, so it will become uneconomic if the part batch is too small.
    For the processing of some special parts processed by CNC lathe, although the processing batch of some parts is very small, ordinary lathes have complex shape, high quality and good interchangeability, which can not meet the above requirements on non CNC grinding machines. They can only be processed on CNC grinding machines, such as parabola, cycloid cam and special profile mirror.

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