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    Characteristics and application of DMG five axis machining center

    Edit£º   Browse£º49  Date£º2021-11-16
    As a special machining center for machining complex surfaces, DMG five axis machining center has the advantages of high scientific and technological content and high precision. In fact, in addition, it also has other product uses.
    Product application of DMG five axis machining center
    It has a wide range of applications and can be used for milling various molds such as fender molds in bicycle industry, panel molds in automobile manufacturing industry, bottle and cup molds in plastic industry, mobile phone models, underwater camera shells, processing lamps in automobile manufacturing industry, etc.
    Product features of DMG five axis machining center
    1. In addition to the standard rigid worktable, it can also be equipped with manual worktable, hydraulic clamped electric rotary swing worktable and linkage worktable.
    2. The new CNC control panel, 19 "display and 3D software ensure high working speed, accuracy and reliability.
    3. All shafts adopt digital drive technology, with fast moving speed of 24m / min and motorized spindle speed of 18000rpm.

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